XML Markup Language

Package com.metasolutions.jfcml.helpers

Class Summary
Attribute A data structure representing an XML attribute.
BSFHandler Provides Reflective access to the Bean Scripting Framework.
DefaultResourceResolver This ResouceResolver implementation resolves resources from base urls and classes.
DelegatingAction An AbstractAction which delegates it's actionPerformed method to another ActionListener.
DocumentHandler TODO Add a description for this type!
Element A data structure representing an XML element.
ListenerProxy TODO Add a description for this type!
MethodContext Contains information about the argument list of a method call.
MethodParser A utility class used to parse simple Java statements containing method calls.
PackageList This class maintins the list of currently imported package names.
Primative Used by the JFCML interpreter to internally classify primitive entities.
ReflectionHandler A DocumentHandler which provides a collection of utilities for Reflection oriented tasks.
ResourceResolver A ResourceResolver is a service that resolves resources based on relative path-names and the current scope.
WindowContext A collection of data structures needed for parsing a JFCMLWindow.


Copyright 2004-2005 Shawn Curry, http://jfcml.sourceforge.net
Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.1