XML Markup Language

Package com.metasolutions.jfcml.extend

Class Summary
AttributeHandler A DocumentHandler that handles XML Attributes.
AttributeHandlerAnchor The default AttributeHandler used by the TagHandler.
ChildHandler A DocumentHandler which handles adding lists of elements to their parent containers.
ChildHandlerAnchor The default ChildHandler used by the TagHandler.
ElementHandler A DocumentHandler which handles XML elements.
ElementHandlerAnchor The default ElementHandler used by the TagHandler.
ScriptHandler A DocumentHander which provides script evaluation and variable storage services.
ScriptHandlerAnchor The default ScriptHandler used by the AttributeHandler.
StatementHandler A DocumentHandler which handles parsing simple Java statements.
StatementHandlerAnchor The default StatementHandler used by JFCMLScript.
WindowHandler A DocumentHandler which is notified when the interpreter begins and ends a document.
WindowHandlerAnchor The default WindowHandler used by the TagHandler.


Copyright 2004-2005 Shawn Curry, http://jfcml.sourceforge.net
Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.1