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SwingSet 3 Demo - Powered by JFCML!

WARNING: This applet runs with a greater level of privileges than normal applets. You will be required to accept a security certificate in order to grant this level of permissions. By accepting, you agree to temporarily (for the current session) grant this permission to applets which are "signed by Shawn Curry".

If you have trouble loading the applet please see the Applet Troubleshooting Guide. Alternatively, try the examples that do not require security certificates.

This example is modeled after the SwingSet2 demo packaged with the Java Developer Kit. Currently, only the ComboBox demo is available; the others will be available very soon. This example is written in pure JFCML, and uses both JFCMLScript and the BeanShell interpreter for scripting purposes.

The SwingSet3 demo contains a large amount of resources (~600k), and may take several minutes to load on a slow connection. The source code should be browseable while you wait.


The Basics

Using Layouts

JFCML Custom Keywords

JFCML Keywords